Why use a hair bonnet in the night?

Girls always have trouble with frizzy and dry hair in the morning.. Waking up with tangles on your curly hair and spending hours trying to create that good hair day ? well you are not alone.. But we have the perfect fix for this with a super simple product you are gonna love!
Before bed place your hair inside the hair bonnet. We have lots of colours to select based on your mood or night clothes. These satin bonnets will help prevent friction while you are fast asleep turning and tumbling on your bed. This will reduce the amount of frizziness on your hair and keep tangles away from you. It is also a known fact that a bonnet can protect the stress and tension on your hair which leads to prevent split ends we all hate..
If you’ve got curly hair you know the trouble of maintaining them after every hair wash. Our premium quality bonnets will make sure they don’t get frizzy and tangled during sleep and make them look super fresh and tidy after every sleep. When you want to protect those curls and waves, don’t brush your hair often, simply tuck your hair into the bonnet and get your beauty sleep. You will be amazed at how easy your becomes at styling and to know that you can save time in the morning to enhance your beauty routine.
Sometimes your cotton sheets can absorb the moisture from your conditioner that you use on your hair which will make your hair dry during sleep. Our satin bonnets will retain the moisture which leaves you with soft and fresh hair.